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Washington Post BrandStudio


Our Challenge

Washington Post BrandStudio first approached us when they were looking to create a new line of business focused on branded content for local D.C. Metro Area advertisers. Stories needed to feel on-brand — valuable, educational and newsworthy.

Our Solution

Narratively began working with WP Brand Studio on two fronts. First, we developed original content ideas for prospective digital advertisers and then, once WP won the business, we produced the content. This particular piece, below, is very on-brand for both the sponsor, Worcester County Tourism, and the publisher, as it focuses on a unique, newsworthy trend among microbreweries in the region. (WP BrandStudio is one of several publishers’ branded content studios that Narratively Creative counts among our partners. Other current and past partners include Wall Street Journal Custom Studios, Meredith’s The Foundry, Condé Nast’s 23 Stories and Huffington Post Partner Studios.)


With a long history in journalism, our team absolutely loves working with publishers. We're uniquely suited to help them craft beautiful branded content that engages audiences while successfully addressing a brand's goals and particular sensitivities.    

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