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The story of your name


Our Challenge

Tribeca Studios and 23andMe commissioned 23 short films from filmmakers with interesting tales about genealogy and discovery. We were thrilled that they selected two pitches from Narratively directors. Our two unique stories are told in two very different mediums: one live-action, one animation. In this short animated documentary, we meet filmmaker and journalist Noah Rosenberg as he searches within his sepia-toned family history for the perfect name for his first-born child.

Our Solution

We wanted to embrace the uniqueness of telling a true-to-life story via animation by partnering with an artist who has a bold and illustrative style. Utilizing Narratively’s extensive network of illustrators who work with us creating beautiful work to accompany our written content, we found the perfect artist to bring the tale to life -- and the result looks plucked from a storybook.


Narratively seeks to elevate unique stories in interesting ways, and we’re always looking for new and creative approaches to doing so. This delightful and colorful animation was the first time we blended documentary storytelling with animation, and we are so proud of the final product.

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