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The dna of adventure


Our Challenge

Tribeca Studios and 23andMe commissioned 23 short films from filmmakers with interesting tales about genealogy and discovery. We were thrilled that they selected two pitches from Narratively directors. Our two unique stories are told in two very different mediums: one live-action, one animation. “The DNA of Adventure” tells the story of filmmaker and adventurer Apolla Echino, who discovers that she has more in common with her recently passed Indigenous Canadian grandmother than she ever could have imagined.

Our Solution

With our A-list crew from New York in tow, we flew out to Drumheller, Alberta, to film and conduct interviews with Apolla’s family members. Armed with a camera and anamorphic lens package from Panavision worth over $300K, we gathered gorgeous cinematic b-roll around western Canada. The post-production process was in-depth and creative, utilizing an abstract style of documentary editing without sacrificing storytelling. We finished the film with the help of industry-leading colorists at Nice Shoes, and a beautifully textured sound mix by Mixology Post. The film went on to screen at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.


We are especially proud of “The DNA of Adventure” because it showcases everything we do best: beautiful visuals, a story with heart and soul, and creativity infused in every shot. 

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