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Our Challenge

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) wanted a larger-than-life story to anchor their “New Retirement” series. Narratively was tasked with casting a unique individual with a great story and a special plan for the second phase of their life.

Our Solution

We found our perfect subject: a businessman with a plan to spend his second act fishing in the Canadian wilderness, on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia that is accessible only by chartered plane. Then we set to work planning the production for a three-day shoot. We coordinated carnets and travel for our A-list New York crew to trek to the remote location, where they captured beautiful footage of the landscape and cabin on an Arri Alexa Mini and a professional-grade drone. An organic, personal interview with our subject shed light on how he finds balance and wellness in nature, conveying the aspirational tone the client was looking for.


The human storytelling behind this gorgeous video is right in Narratively’s wheelhouse, and the stunning footage cannot be beat. This piece stands out from traditional branded content because it really dives into what makes this subject and this place so special.

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