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Life and Finances? No Sweat.


Our Challenge

Simplii Financial, a new digital-only bank serving Canada, aims to simplify the way you approach your finances. With a mission like that, it’s no wonder they wanted a branded piece that echoes simplicity, authenticity and ease. But what does that look like?

Our Solution

We were tasked with casting a young person who demonstrates saving-savvy, and telling the story of how they approach work, life and finances. We found the perfect subject, a financially meticulous young woman who lives a simple, full and balanced life. We traveled to Calgary with a small crew, (we kept it simple!) to film this fashionable and young montage-style piece. We also sourced and scouted a chic boxing studio that serves as one of the locations. The subject’s voice acts as the thread that ties together this story of work, play, and finances.


This piece is a bit different from our typical story-focused documentary style, but it doesn’t skip out on heart. Our team had a lot of fun weaving together these glossy, fashionable shots with meaningful advice about saving money and living well.

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