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Our Challenge

American made leather goods company Rustico needed an inaugural video to expose their brand to the world. They were in search of a meaningful, character-driven story that showed the integration of their journals into life and art, embodying their values of craftsmanship, quality and vision.

Our Solution

We found an artist ideally suited to help us tell Rustico’s story, Sterling Hundley, who has enjoyed immense success as an illustrator for GQ, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, earning multiple Gold Awards from the Society of Illustrators along the way. Sterling routinely sketches in his journal and translates those images to canvas, a beautiful and liberating creative process that we captured on video. He’s a stoic artist and a rugged all-American guy, who is always reinventing himself and his work. The true Rustico Man.

Why We Love It

This is branded content at its best: a great character, cinematic style, deeply personal and epic. This is the heart and soul of Narratively Creative. We are inspired by real people who have achieved extraordinary things, questioned the status quo and forged their own path.

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