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Our Challenge

A rapidly growing technology company with B2B and B2C products, Nixplay had long heard from customers about the powerful utility of its digital photo and video screens. The company wanted to share these stories in an engaging, instructive format.

Our Solution

For Nixplay, we updated the standard "corporate" video, which we achieved by using smooth cinematic movements and gorgeous lighting during our interviews and b-roll with a wide range of their customers in cities and rural areas across the U.S.  We developed a strong travel-and-shoot style, maintaining our high standards by sending our in-house director/producer and DP to all locations, and leveraging the expansive and highly-vetted Narratively Creative network to find on-the-ground support crews to keep costs down. The final delivery is a series of 1-2-minute testimonial videos, exploring how individuals and companies use Nixplay to augment and grow their business and stay connected with those they care about.

Why We Love It

These videos demonstrate how Nixplay has been instrumental in their clients' success and growth. By focusing on the human connection facilitated by Nixplay's technology, each video reveals a unique and powerful partnership.

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