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Our Challenge

The media landscape is a crazy, crowded place where breaking news and clickbait rule the day on repeat, leaving little room for anything of greater substance. As the industry continued to shift, and legacy outlets downsized or shuttered entirely, we wanted to create a platform for impactful and memorable human interest storytelling that was being left untold.

Our Solution

In September 2012 we introduced the world to, a storytelling platform that values quality and authenticity over quantity and sensationalism. Our one-story-a-day approach garnered us awards and attention from across the landscape — Time magazine's 50 Best Websites within six months of launch; Webby honors for Best Writing; Columbia Journalism Review's 11 Best Experiments in Journalism — and enabled us to build a network of over 3,000 top storytellers and journalists with experience at major outlets from The New York Times to CNN, NPR, Vogue, Vice and countless others. Along the way, we've achieved our goal and then some: we cultivated one of the most loyal and engaged audiences on the internet (Chartbeat's Top 6 Engaged Sites) and we created a library of thousands of powerful, beautiful and unforgettable human stories across writing, video, photography, audio and illustrations that we're now adapting into podcasts and TV series with major Hollywood studios.


We wouldn't have spent the past five years building something if we weren't head over heels! is the best case study Narratively Creative could ever ask for. It proves that readers, viewers and the storytellers who entertain and inspire them are far more sophisticated than most give them credit for. And it demonstrates that focusing on quality and timelessness will ultimately create an epic long tail of opportunities for all involved. 

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