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Faces of Freelance


Our Challenge

Our friends at Freelancers Union came to Narratively with one goal: show the true faces of freelance work. They wanted to illustrate the fact that the coalition of contract workers in the United States - 56 million strong -  is more diverse than many people realize, and to showcase how their newly developed Freelancers Hub helps connect, inspire, and support freelancers in New York City and beyond.

Our Solution

Freelancers Union is all about the people, and we wanted to share stories about the human experience of freelancing. We set up a nimble production inside the Freelancers Hub to show the beautiful open concept of the space, and then we set to work planning engaging and inspiring interview questions. While the questions were necessary to hone in on the importance of the Hub and the Freelancers Union, it was the resulting organic, fluid conversations that got us to the unique humanity of these subjects. As a fun bonus for the talent, we had a professional still photographer join the crew and nab some gorgeous and natural headshots - all in one compact, single-day production that ran like clockwork! With a creative edit utilizing quick cuts and injecting a touch of humor, we took these stories to the next level.


We love any opportunity to tell a brand’s story, especially if their ethos is as crucial as Freelancers Union. Everyone on our team understands the allure and struggle of freelance life, so we were stoked to help put a human face on it. Meeting all these fantastic and creative folks was a great plus, too.

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