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Eni: Water is life


Our Challenge

An Italian energy company focused on sustainability, Eni wanted to tell the story of one of their most important local projects: an initiative to build solar-powered water wells across northeastern Nigeria. This region is plagued by dual crises: the shrinkage of Lake Chad has left many communities without enough fresh water, while the terrorist violence of Boko Haram has devastated families and made venturing out of these villages to find new sources of water unsafe.

Our Solution

We assembled an all-African film crew who collaborated closely with our New York-based production team to create a compelling documentary film. Months of careful pre-production and logistical planning were necessary given the delicate security situation on the ground. Once the cameras were rolling, our team had to be creative and flexible in finding the very best interview subjects and storylines for the film.


Like everything we do, “Water is Life” puts people at the center. While this documentary touches on violence and struggle, ultimately it is a story of promise and hope. By zeroing in on the inspiring life stories of Emily, Yau and Abdul, and interpersing their interviews with beautiful b-roll from these remote locations, we were able to put a human face on this complex issue.

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