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Our Challenge

NaturallyCurly and its parent company, TextureMedia, are the leaders in hair and beauty information, education and inspiration for women with curly, textured hair — or “curlies” as founder Michelle Breyer calls them. TM wanted an informative and inspirational video to celebrate their “20 Years of Curls,” open their 2018 Texture on the Runway event in NYC, and spread the word via social channels about the resources they provide to people with curly hair. TextureMedia is all about representation and building community, and they wanted a video with the heart and personality to match their vibrant audience, and their transformative brand.

Our Solution

With Michelle’s on-camera interview serving as the thread, we wove together stylized interview shots with beautiful footage of genuine, woman-on-the-street-style interactions between Michelle and fellow “curlies.” We took full advantage of our location in Brooklyn to provide a vibrant backdrop and plenty of diverse, beautiful hair types — which also allowed us to save on travel costs and utilize our local, deeply trusted crew. The result is a video with tons of spunk and an inspirational twist: you see Michelle’s passion and dedication shine through in her interview, and you hear firsthand from the “curlies” out there who’ve come to embrace their unique hair thanks to Michelle’s leadership.


We never back down from an opportunity to tell a brand’s story, especially when their fearless leader is as passionate as Michelle is! The choice to interview real people on the street was a unique way to bring “curlies” together, and this brought a layer of accessibility and camaraderie to the piece. Beyond beauty, this story delves into what can bring a community together, and celebrates the things that make us different.

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