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National Forest Foundation


Our Challenge

The National Forest Foundation was looking to create an engaging piece to announce their initiative to plant 50 million trees in five years. The main goal of the video is to encourage donations to the NFF, but in a way that conveys the urgency of the issue and the passion of their supporters.

Our Solution

We filmed with the conservation-minded actress and NFF board member Andie MacDowell, as well as dynamic board member Patricia Hayling-Price and devoted young supporters Toren Kutnick and Ginny Johnson. This piece is all about why we should care, and so we chose to prioritize an in-depth interview with each subject to get to the heart of the NFF and its inspiring supporters. Beautiful b-roll provided by the client kept the budget minimal, and we were able to focus on the motivations for protecting America’s backyard: the National Forests.


We love a purpose-driven story, and we were thrilled to partner with the NFF to promote a great cause. Setting up the issue, the solution, and a call to action is important for any non-profit’s story, but this piece adds a human element and goes beyond the “what” to get to the “why.”

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