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Aventura Travel Series


Our Challenge

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) launched their Aventura credit card with frequent travelers in mind. They wanted to engage jet-setters by providing an intimate look at unique destinations all over the globe, and by reminding us how enriching the experience of travel can be. We produced ten videos for CIBC - handling everything from working with local production contacts in faraway cities like Lisbon, to filming with an underwater camera in the frigid waters of the Atlantic in March. One of the most fun and challenging aspects of this project was casting dynamic talent in each location, so we could give viewers a sense of how the locals live, play, eat and explore.

Our Solution

Our aim was to create a cohesive series with individual videos that feel unique to each destination. We researched the best hidden gems in each locale, and sourced locals to guide our characters as they explored. We kept our crew for each video nimble, and our post-production process meticulous and creative. The end result is an award-winning series in which each video captures the true spirit of these diverse locations.


We love that CIBC wanted to establish real connection with their audience rather than simply promote their product. The result is a series that feels lush and intimate, full of color and character.

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