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Our Challenge

Amazon had just launched a powerful new platform, Amazon Exclusives, focused on helping small businesses achieve exponential scale. They were looking for a video partner to produce content focused on these companies’ inspiring entrepreneurial journeys, while also showcasing their products’ unique utility. And they had a very small window of availability for a shoot.

Our Solution

Over two days of shooting, two years in a row, Narratively Creative set up shop in an Amazon conference room in Seattle and conducted hour-long interviews with 17 different businesses to learn about what makes them tick, and what makes their products and brand so special. We featured a beautiful and useful magnetic LED lighting strip, a cordless headphone for athletes, a natural skincare brand that supports Costa Rican farmers, and a female-focused exercise brand that’s helping introduce people to the joys and power of an active lifestyle.

Why We Love It

It was an honor to profile these driven and innovative entrepreneurs by featuring the initial idea to becoming a seller on the extraordinary platform of Amazon Exclusives.  We reveal their unique and often surprising backstories along with the powerful utility of their products. The videos were Amazon's most-watched on social media the month they were published and continue to drive sales and engagement.

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