Air New Zealand


Our Challenge

Air New Zealand wanted to showcase New Zealand’s South Island as a top adventure travel destination for the female market, to reach women who dream big, and to create a real opportunity to defy stereotypes while supporting and depicting women in all their varied and nuanced glory.

Our Solution

We created “A Woman’s Guide to the World,” a branded video series about adventure travel as a solo woman. Other episodes include sailing on a 100-year old tall ship to Antarctica and trekking through the Amazon. Filmed over the course of 3 weeks on the South Island, we worked closely with Air New Zealand and additional brands to create a 38-minute film that showcases the natural beauty of the area while remaining loyal to the integrity that “A Woman’s Guide to the World” is built on.

Why We Love It

What’s not to love? Femininity, adventure, travel, humor, style...we’ve got it all covered. This inspiring video will underscore the fact that life is full of surprises — you just have to go out and find them.

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